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Wrinkles reduction the around Eyes & Lips.

Syneron Launches New Sublative iD™ Focal Tip To Reduce Fine Wrinkles In Hard to Reach Areas Around The Eyes and Mouth. The iD™ Focal Tip ensures Company’s commitment to elōs Plus™, eMatrix™.

Syneron Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ: ELOS), the global leader in medical aesthetic products and technologies, announced the launch of a new Sublative iD™ Focal Tip for challenging treatment areas such as the nasolabial fold (“smile lines”) and periorbital rim (“around the eyes”). The new Sublative iD Focal Tip will be available for use on all of Syneron’s proprietary Sublative™ compatible systems, which includes elōs Plus™, eTwo™ and eMatrix™.

“We are pleased to provide our customers with the new Sublative iD Focal Tip for use with Syneron’s unique Sublative treatment systems. This offering was developed to meet the needs of our customers and expand their treatment capabilities to better serve their patients,” said Louis P. Scafuri, Chief Executive Officer at Syneron. ” This new tip broadens the applications of our sublative hand piece which, in turn, expands our customers ROI and profitability from the eMatrix, eTwo and elōs Plus devices.”