Upper thigh front 2 back 2 and calf front 2 back 2 areas. Facial 1 area.

Treatment charged Per Area / Per Visit -  Average time to see the final results are between 2 to 4 sessions. A typical Laser Vein Treatment is relatively simple, and thanks to continuing technological advances in the field, it's also safer and faster then ever before.

During the procedure, a laser light is directed toward the vein cluster of the patients face or other parts of the body, where it targets blood vessels beneath the skin's surface without affecting any surrounding tissue.

When the laser finds its way to the unwanted blood vessels, its heat is quickly absorbed by the red portion of the blood, called the hemoglobin.

Because these targeted vessels are not essential to the face or body's normal circulation, no harm is done when the blood starts to clot, deteriorating the vessel lining. From this point, the blood veins essentially fades away as the body reabsorbs it during the subsequent healing process.

The final result is smoother, younger looking skin without those embarrassing spider veins compression stockings are not required post Laser leg vein treatments.


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