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Let's take care of our magnificent Body & Soul.
We would love to assist you in your journey of a healthier & more beautiful you!  Good Quality & Eco-Friendly Skin Care is one aspect of Lasting attractiveness. Exercise, Good night of sleep, Fresh air, Healthy food & Positive attitude are essential for Healthy Lifestyle! 
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with Science, Trust and Results.

Video Below - ABC Channel 7 interview about Body and Soul Spa.
Video Below - Breast and Full Body Thermography

                                            Message from Rita Filippini

                                                                      A Healthy and More Beautiful 

                      Body and Soul offers services with great results and excellent care.

For over 25 years I have been traveling around the world to educate and learn more how to take care our beauty and healthy. Places like Kushi Institute in Boston, Europe and Brazil. 

I belong to a group that organize a annual Holistic Holiday at Sea a Italian Cruise line that has been around for over 19 years educating thousands people to well being.

Every thought we think, and every word we speak are creating our own future. 

When you see older man/women who are frail, ill and incapacitated, you are often looking at a lifetime of inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise, and an accumulation of negative thoughts and beliefs. It does not have to be that way

If you come to Body and Soul we will be glad to help guide you in 3 steps that you need to follow in order to improve your lifestyle and happiness.